DuPont Partners with Disney for Tron-Themed Milan Design Fair Exhibition

As everyone gears up to either attend or hear all about the upcoming Salone Internazionale del Mobile design fair in Milan, one specific planned exhibition has been making the rounds this week. DuPont has partnered with Disney to bring to life “Tron Designs Corian,” which is exactly as it sounds. Though we suppose if you don’t know what Corian is, that part wouldn’t make sense. Here’s DuPont’s website all about the colored solid surfaces. Strangely though, for this odd pairing between the recent reboot movie and mold-able surfaces, there really isn’t much color involved, as you can see in this series of renderings the company has put up on Flickr. Though we suppose maybe the “mold-able” part is what they’re wanting to show off in this case. It’s all a bit odd, and we don’t think we’d want to live in any of the spaces (we’d be too afraid of getting it dirty), but we’d love to see it, if just outside of computer renderings of what they’re hoping it’ll look like come April when the fair kicks off. For further reading, we recommend checking out Designboom, who has lots of great details about the various designers who were hired worked on it.