Dumbass Pitches

We get some dumb ideas thrown our way on a daily basis. Usually, we share amongst ourselves for a laugh and then delete them. But why should we get all the fun? We’ve decided to share them so everyone can feel our pain. It’s a new feature we’re calling Dumbass Pitches. From books to events to interviews, we’ll share them. The inaugural first pitch goes to the book, Eating Aliens: One Man’s Adventures Hunting Invasive Animal Species. Just imagine when the subject line popped into our inbox saying “Eating Aliens.” It certainly grabbed our attention. When we read further, we discovered that the author is “adventure seeker” Jackson Landers. You might remember him from his previous best seller, The Beginner’s Guide to Hunting Deer for Food.

In his latest book, Landers “takes readers on a wild ride as he hunts and eats such creatures as Asian carp, boar, nutria, European green crabs, Chinese mystery snails, and more. ” As much as I applaud adventurous eating, this may be a bit much. And exactly what IS the mystery of Chinese mystery snails? Is it that they taste like shit?

Some people might say that Landers is being eco-friendly by eating species that are nuisances. Some people might say he is a yahoo that runs all over the country for the thrill of the hunt. I say it’s a Dumbass Pitch.