Another Sad Newspaper Ads Story

DuaneDudekTwitterSad and Sadder. That essentially describes the scenery of TV and film critic Duane Dudek’s exit from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Friday, his last day, Dudek posted a farewell newspaper blog note titled “Forget It, Jake. It’s Chinatown.” Today, on his personal blog, Dudek goes a little deeper to frame the context of his departure and the idea that the position of local movie reviewer will not be filled. Moving forward, the paper where the writer started as a copy boy will no longer carry staffer or freelancer film reviews:

It is another service reduction for readers as newspapers struggle to survive. But with the demise of movie advertising in the paper, movie coverage failed to pay its way. The writing was on the wall when show time listings for Marcus Theaters and other exhibitors – which many readers believed to be a public service but were paid ads – moved online.

Indeed. Today, it’s hard to remember a time when Google Search was not the default way to quickly pull up local movie theater times. The Journal Sentinel is set to be absorbed into the E.W. Scripps chain next year.

[H/T: Romenesko]

[Image via: @thedudekabides]