The Mad World of Drudge Desktop Traffic

New report mines data from Intermarkets and SimilarWeb.

Drudge Report referral stats never cease to amaze.

According to some new numbers compiled by Intermarkets and SimilarWeb, the site was responsible between September 2015 and August 2016 for around 53 million desktop-user Associated Press page views. Or, per this report, 37% of that overall type of traffic for during the period.

That’s the highest such percentage in the list of Top 15 most referred-to websites. The Hill is next with 22%, followed by CBS Local with 19%.

What about mobile traffic? It’s not included here, but that is less of a liability than usual. Intermarkets works mainly with advertisers on the desktop format, and here, they have their ideal subject. Unlike most of today’s news websites, around 75% of Drudge Report’s visitors still come in via desktop computer. Also, a gigantic 94.51% of the overall traffic is generated from within the U.S.

Another way to slice and dice this Top 15 is obviously raw total page views. From that side of the equation, it’s no contest. The Daily Mail sits at the top of the Intermarkets-SimilarWeb list with 159,000,000 page views, outdistancing The New York Times by an even 50 million.

In terms of other the New York dailies, Drudge here favored the one fashioned by Rupert Murdoch over the one owned by Mort Zuckerman. Only the Post appears in the Top 15, with 39 million page views.

To view the current Intermarkets profile page for The Drudge Report, go here.

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