Downie, Bennett Announced “An Editing Change for the Sunday Newspaper”

Below is an internal memo obtained by FishbowlDC sent from Len Downie and PHil Bennett:

    After a decade as a senior editor, Jill Dutt is moving to Beijing this summer to join our team of correspondents in China. Jill will be succeeded as weekend editor by Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, who will oversee the Sunday newspaper while continuing to shape our daily journalism as AME/Sports.

    Jill was drawn back to reporting by the chance to witness China’s transformation at close range, a process she had helped The Post chronicle from her position as AME/Financial. As we noted when she left Financial late last year, Jill has been a force for innovation as an editor at The Post. During the last six months, she has supervised changes in the Home, Food and Health sections and run the Sunday and Monday papers. She has infused the weekend papers with energy and broad appeal, and has sponsored projects in the weekly sections such at Recipe Finder on Jill and her family will be moving next month to Beijing, where she’ll continue her language training until reporting to the Foreign Desk as part of our coverage of the 2008 Olympics. Jill will be changing her byline and Post email to her married name, Jill Drew.

    We’ve asked Emilio to advance our efforts to make the Sunday paper essential reading — newsy, surprising, useful and a showcase for some of our best investigative and enterprise journalism. The Sunday newspaper remains our most important of the week, a phenomenon that reaches hundreds of thousands of additional local readers. It is our biggest forum for new ideas and richest canvas for innovation. Emilio has made Sports a model for exploring new forms and creating interaction between print and online journalism. Although his principle responsibility will be decisions about A1, we expect Emilio to help us think about how to make the entire Sunday paper an evolving model of impact, service and beauty that we can draw from every day of the week.

    Emilio will start his new role on the second weekend in September. Asking him to take on these added responsibilities was reasonable only because of the proven abilities of Deputy AME/Sports Matt Vita, who has agreed to pick up an increasing share of the daily supervision of the Sports department. From this weekend through Labor Day, the weekend papers will be supervised by a rotation of senior editors.