Douridas: still uncharged, still on the air, still playing Snow Patrol too much

Continuing with today’s theme of media figures who may or may not be in legal trouble, KCRW’s Chris Douridas still hasn’t been charged with anything despite being arrested in January for allegedly drugging and trying to kidnap a minor outside the Circle Bar in Santa Monica. The DA is still gathering evidence and while Douridas has declined to publicly tell his account of events, his ex-wife Mieke Kramer told the LAT that he was trying to help the girl get some fresh air.

Anyway, KCRW is standing firmly by Douridas, and he’s still on the air. Which is the morally correct position for the station to take, though it’s understandable that his show now gives some people the willies. FishbowlLA encourages people to listen nonetheless: those willies are a small price to pay for the principle of presumption-of-innocence.