Another Memorable Dorothy Lucey-Critter Episode

Our coverage yesterday of WeHo News editor Ryan Gierach’s reaction to the launch of Dorothy Lucey’s blog has turned out to be the FishbowlLA item that keeps on giving.

First came some additional email correspondence between FishbowlLA and Gierach (added as an update to the bottom of the Thursday item). Followed by a classic reminiscence from Michael Horowicz, who has known Lucey personally for a long, long time. She was a bridesmaid at his wedding, but in this case, he’s jumping back to the early 1990s when the two worked together at KCBS.

With Horowicz’s permission, here’s a cat yarn to go along with yesterday’s pooch item:

“The building, known as Columbia Square, had a terrible rodent problem. And nothing the exterminators did worked.”

“So Dorothy and a few others adopted a cat and named it KC. (When I asked her why KC, she replied, “Better than BS.” She had a point.) The cat slept in the prop room just behind the news set.”

“KC had the run of the station. One day, in fact, the cat jumped onto the lap of our noon anchor Tritia Toyota while she was on the air reading a story. Tritia, who was a fantastic anchor, never flinched, and I’m told the cat sat on her lap for the rest of the show.”

“Anyway, everyone loved the cat. It was overfed and had a great life. Until we got a new GM, who noticed KC walking down the hallway in the executive wing of the building. The GM called me, huffed and puffed and yelled at how unprofessional the sight of a cat in TV station was, and to get rid of it immediately. One of the stagehands adopted the cat and took it home. And the rats returned to Columbia Square.”

The rats may still be snooping around, but the media tenants formerly at 6121 Sunset Blvd. are long gone. CBS LA is now located in Studio City, while KNX 1070 Newsradio moved to offices on Wilshire.

Photo: Tompet/