WeHo News Editor Thanks Dorothy Lucey for Letting Him Keep Mascot*

We should all be so lucky as to get the kind of attention Dorothy Lucey has with her first blog item. Her recollection of a Good Day LA exec’s harsh personal put-down was quickly picked up last night by LA Observed and expanded upon today by our sister site TV Spy.

Some of the blog comments rolling in are equally noteworthy. Here for example is the feedback from WeHo News editor Ryan Gierach:

Personally, I must credit you (and GDLA) with giving me the greatest gift of my life. On an October morning four years ago, you were on air petting the dog that my husband Marcus Fant and I had picked from a picture on the Net the morning before as part of your daily adoption feature. We had already named him WeHo (yes, after our city and in honor of his mascot status for my newspaper, WeHo News).

We stood yelling at the tube, ‘Stop petting our dog, Dorothy!’ and, ‘Stop trying to give WeHo away!’ With that catalyzing television moment, we found our way to the shelter and added him to our family.

Gierach also shared a link to the 2008 GDLA report in question:

*Update – 09/07/12: Via email this morning, Gierach shared the following with FishbowlLA and several other cc:ed recipients:

I got one of the nicest surprises this morning when I opened my email queue – the piece above broadcast a comment I made on Dorothy Lucey’s (former co-anchor on Good Day LA) new blog thanking her for catalyzing Marcus’s and my obtaining WeHo, our delightful dog.

Allegra Allison knows how urgently we acted to get down to the pound to claim him after he appeared on GDLA (they really tried to give him to someone else!), and anyone who has met him knows what a gift he is, not only to me but to all who get to know him.

What’s most amazing about WeHo is that, despite all the media attention he’s gotten, he remains absolutely unaffected. He has no idea how handsome, nor how beautiful he is. I suppose that’s part of his charm. Richard, I attach a recent picture of WeHo wondering what it is I do with the contraption I seem to point at him with too much frequency. Thank you Richard, from the bottom of my heart.

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