Topanga Filmmaker Set to Tell the Story of Hollywood’s First Female Director

Earlier today, at Kickstarter deadline, Wendy Haines squeaked past her target goal of $100,000. As a result, many will soon be educated about the remarkable and largely forgotten story of Hollywood trailblazer Dorothy Arzner.

As Hopkins told Long Beach Press-Telegram reporter Phillip Zonkel earlier this week for his personal blog “Out in the 562,” the story of Azner stretches well beyond three silent films, 14 “talkies” and the invention of the boom mike:

“Dorothy was a compelling character. She made her place in a completely male world,” says Haines. “Her drive to do what she loved in spite of the world around her telling her it wasn’t possible inspires me.”

“The other thing that I find so compelling about Dorothy is her character,” Haines says. “She was a lesbian, dressed very dapper, would be considered butch by today’s standards. In spite of the social pressures to conform, Dorothy remained true to herself.”

Haines thanked her Kickstarter supporters today and indicated that she plans to shoot Sophisticated: The Untold Story of Dorothy Arzner later this year with the help of casting director Ronnie Yeskel. The role of Arzner definitely sounds like a showcase for some lucky actress.