‘Dopes’: WaPo Bloggers Continue to Feud

WaPo‘s conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin again confronted the newspaper’s liberal blogger Greg Sargent on Twitter this morning. Sargent writes “The Plum Line.”

Rubin went after Sargent for a tweet in which he mentioned a WaPo poll that showed that a plurality of Americans hold an unfavorable view of the past corporate experience of GOP hopeful Mitt Romney.

“The right’s latest howler about bad poll numbers on Romney/Bain. It’s all fault of left wing smear! […]” Sargent tweeted. Rubin chimed in, “[N]o, the argument is that opportunistic dopes in GOP have picked up the leftwing smear..”

A cheeky Sargent responded, “[I] agree with the part about GOP ‘dopes,’ but it’s not a left wing smear.”

As in the last encounter between these two, Rubin had the last word. “I read it in your column!! re OWS and the obama gameplan,” she snapped. Presumably, she’s referring to this post by Sargent in which he said Democrats were preparing to “paint Romney as a predatory capitalist.”