Dooce vs. Kottke, Round One

Retired web designers Heather Armstrong and Jason Kottke have been blogging pretty much daily for a combined twelve years. They are internet famous. People have been literally camped out in the front row seats for an hour before this presentation. This is the rock concert of the conference.

The conversation, which might have been live-blog-worthy back in 2002, basically boiled down to what felt like “My Blog Is Better Than Your Blog,” hosted by Heather Armstrong.

Subscription vs. advertising model

Kottke believes his subscription drive failed and he might have to start selling ad space.

Armstrong made the decision to sell ads and is so successful now, her husband can stay at home, too.

Being internet famous

Kottke admits Armstrong is the bigger star:

K: “People are kind of obsessed with you.”
A: “What? What?” (mock realization) “I don’t get that at all.”
K: “I’m obsessed. Why do you think we’re up here, Heather?”

Armstrong says Kottke was the first true blogger.

Providing quality content

Kottke notes that Armstrong’s writing (which is truly excellent) has grown increasingly more personal over the years.

Armstrong infers that Kottke’s lost his focus, took subscriber’s money and went to Asia, he’s just doing links now, and he’s not posting as much lately because he’s getting married.

However, should Kottke ever choose to write about himself, this would be the perfect segueway: He met his fiancee six years ago at SXSW when they were both on the first blog panel at any conference, ever.


Listen to the podcast.