Don’t Make Fun Of The Port Authority Bus Terminal. Larry David Can’t.

1005david.jpgDon’t ever, ever say that the Port Authority has lazy press people. PA spokesman Steve Sigmund issued a statement defending the Port Authority Bus Terminal from a Curb Your Enthusiasm joke. Awesome! But, hell, let’s let Page Six tell it:

The Port Authority Bus Terminal wants Larry David to flush his bad feelings about its bathrooms. On last week’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the caustic comic complained the toilet paper his TV wife Cheryl buys was as abrasive as the rolls at the Eighth Avenue bus depot. But the PA claims its comfort stations are much improved since David moved from Hell’s Kitchen to L.A. “We invite him back since there are now even at tendants to keep the bathrooms safe and clean and who can give him an environmentally friendly and comfortable roll,” PA spokesman Steve Sigmund told The Post’s Jeremy Olshan. David had no immediate comment about whether he plans a return visit.