Don’t E-Mail This Post – We Don’t Want More Confusion


Okay, we’re all confused now. First we read this amazing run-down of viral material on MarketingSherpa and how, on whole, the stuff is in a rut. People know the drill, they’re getting pretty tired of it, no one is fooling anyone with their flashy, weird video that’s supposed to be passed around, etc. But then we read this recent article in AdAge, “Online Video Viewers are Engaged by Ads,” which tells us that “the number of video watchers is growing and those who do watch are very engaged with advertising…” So we’re all in a tizzy over here (which isn’t a pretty thing to watch, trust us). Maybe it’s because we’d like the former to be more true, because internet ads feel like it’s created this exciting new face for advertising, like we’re finally getting to see the things that have been killed for the past bazillion years. But then, the other site has a lot of charts and graphs. So it’s hard to figure. Here’s some from the latter:

As we expected, business-to-business marketers continue to be primarily interested in using any and all types of advertising to generate new business leads. Unfortunately this goal often squashes the “viralness” of their campaigns, because B-to-B marketers almost inevitably slam a required-registration form in front of their most tempting offers.

This chokes off response by an average of 94%, squeezing viral spread to a thin trickle. Continue reading for an example of a clever B-to-B software campaign that was the exception to this rule.