OC Weekly Rips LA Times Profile of Region’s Richest Man

The best thing about OC Weekly reporter R. Scott Moxley’s February 24th take-down of a recent LA Times Business section profile of billionaire Donald Bren is the way he has graphically marked up the original two-page article with notes and arrows.

As Moxley points out, the author of the February 13th LA Times article, Scott Kraft, is an excellent journalist, which Moxley writes only exacerbated his disappointment with the overall fluff nature of the piece. His opening annotations suggest that PR lingo often bandied about on behalf of the billionaire real estate developer made it into both the headline and initial paragraphs LA Times article.

There’s so much juicy stuff in the margins. Here’s one of our favorite Moxley crib notes, on the second page of Kraft’s Sunday article:

Bren would have you believe he’s unconcerned with the media despite evidence otherwise. After my column on Bren’s paternity woes (“Pardon My Hard On”, June 12, 2003), he pulled $120,000 worth of ads from the paper.

Moxley knows the subject of Bren better than any other Southern California journalist. Kudos to him for exercising that expertise in a most thorough and entertaining cover story manner.