Dolph Lundgren: B-actor, A-pundit

dolph.jpgThe New Republic isn’t the first publication to look into Jack Abramoff’s brief career as a Hollywood B-movie producer, which resulted in the ‘Rambo’-ish Dolph Lundgren starrer ‘Red Scorpion.’ However, its coverage is the first to reveal that Dolph Lundgren saw the Abramoff scandal coming:

Last spring, [‘Red Scorpion’ production manager Avi] Kleinberger ran into Lundgren at the Cannes Film Festival. They began discussing the Abramoff scandal, which had just begun to spill into the international press. As the rest of the world expressed shock at Abramoff’s venality, Lundgren shrugged. “Look, he was always connected with politicians, and you just had a feeling about the guy,” he told Kleinberger. “I knew it was going to end badly for him.”

Are you listening, ‘McLaughlin Group?’ Retire Clift; hire Lundgren. Who knows what else he’ll predict?