Does the Future of Journalism Lie in the Individual and Social Media?

Finally we seem to be slowly getting past the discussion of whether newspapers are worth saving, and on to to more important conversation of how to ensure that good journalism survives (and hopefully thrives) going forward.
Over at TechCrunch Brian Solis reflects on a conversation he recently had with Walter Mosley about just that.

My contemplative discussion with Walt explored the missteps of publishers and content producers and the corresponding opportunity for savvy individuals with relevant perspective combined with online social prowess…Whether it’s newspapers, television shows, or online mediums and networks, the shift is in consumption behavior, quality, relevance, and personality, not the production or distribution of content per se.

Solis goes on to theorize that the future of good journalism may lie in the individual.

Taking control of individual destiny is a personal choice and commitment to change and shape the outcome of what lies ahead. It requires an immediate shift from operating behind the scenes to self-championing individual compositions. The most well-known, successful and celebrated journalists figured this out long ago. And those more assertive journalists who see the window of opportunity today aren’t necessarily waiting for approval or for existing processes to adapt to the new world order. Time waits for no one.
Personality + Insight + Promotion + Interaction = Visibility and Community
The socialization of the Web has given way to the era of personal brands. We are all now responsible for the creation, direction, perception, and management of our online personas, reinforced by what we share and how we interact…