Do the DQ

The mighty e-book or e-zine is mighty simply because of its e- qualities; you can read it anywhere, and share it easily. But they rarely do it right–until DQ. Dubbed as a “a variable geometry project,” DQ is illustration, design, art and photography all mushed into these incredible little experiences, contained in four volumes. DQ is also dix x quinze (10×15) centimeters, which would be the size of the typical Parisian postcard.

With an ultra-luxurious page-turning app, music to accompany each issue, and lots of (illustrated) nipples–we told you, it’s French–this is one place to bookmark in hopes of future editions. We kept flipping back to “Where Is The Party?” which has all the substance abuse and tube tops of an actual rave, done up in blueprint blues.

Thanks to Dorothy Dunn.