DIY-Focused Magazine Craft Faring Well

craft magazine.gifWant to know how to make a crocheted pentagon ball or a baseball beer cozy? Need instructions on how to knit your plastic grocery bags into a 1950’s-style outfit? Searching for a cross-stitch pattern that traces the aesthetic evolution of Nintendo’s Mario? Look no further than Craft, the magazine (and website) launched in the fall of 2006 by the publishers of Make. The current issue (volume 5–like Surface, they eschew months so as not to date themselves on the newsstand) “celebrates the wonderfully diverse world of paper projects.” Readers also get detailed instructions on such projects as transforming a t-shirt into a “sleek, form-fitting jumper” (sounds like a pretty oxymoronic jumper to us) and building an “optical-illusional” mirror. They had us at “optical-illusional.”

Craft has a print circulation of 55,000, about two-thirds of which are newsstand sales, according to an article in the January issue of Folio. Plus, only 14 to 16 of the magazine’s 162 pages are devoted to ads, leaving all the more room for details on crafting your very own Carmen Miranda-style headdress (volume 4) and something called dorodango mud balls (volume 3). Meanwhile, we’re off to the nearest notions department to get started on that genius Mario thing, shown here: