Dining with the enemy at Nan’s is just fun

nan kiss.jpgThere are hostesses, and then there are mostesses. Those in the latter category smoke ciggies as if “emphysema” were the name of a new designer, and never seem to age. So when Nan Kempner told Gotham how she would describe the best party, she said that “someday, I’m going to throw a party where everyone hates one another, just to see what happens.”

Fishbowl has, somehow, acquired part of the guest list for Nan’s upcoming “Who Blinks First Hate-A-Thon” to benefit (location TBD, but definitely a place where the rug has been Scotch-guarded to get the blood out easily) unemployed débutantes passionate about entering the PR biz. If you find the other half, please let us know.

Table One: Rudy Giuliani, Donna Hanover, Judith Regan, Bernie Kerik, Judith Nathan, Ed Oster, Henry Kissinger, Chris Hitchens.

Table Two: Lindsay Lohan, Paris, Lizzie Grubman, Judge John Mullin, Michael Skakel, Dorthy Moxley, Kim Masters, Zenia Mucha.