Digital Special Report 2010


Beefing Up Banner Ads > by Brian Morrissey, Adweek

A new Web ad architecture is developing that promises to remake how advertising is bought and sold, borrowing the best of paid search auction systems while going beyond their targeting to allow advertisers to show each ad only to the audience they want.

Pitching Self-Regulation > by Mike Shields, Mediaweek
These days, fears of heavy regulation have abated somewhat, as the online ad market bounces back from a brutal recession, and lawmakers continue to be distracted.

Does Social Sell? > by Brian Morrissey, Adweek
For all the excitement about social media, there’s a specter hanging over its use by companies. Is all this tweeting, blogging and Facebooking paying off? For some, the question is irrelevant.

A New Zip Code > by Mike Shields, Mediaweek
Until recently, the online local space was considered sleepy at best, dormant at worst. Yet no one doubted its potential at some point down the line. Now, some major players are making key investments.

The New Tech Heads > by Eleftheria Parpis, Adweek

What’s the best way to marry content and code? For general agencies that question is being answered by digital technologists — like Scott Prindle of TBWA\C\D — an increasingly critical interdisciplinary position.

Critique: Augmented Adidas > by Barbara Lippert, Adweek
Adidas is describing its newest line of shoes as “the first augmented reality experience in footwear.” That might sound clunky for the AR uninitiated. How about “the first line of footwear that speaks in tongues?”

Q&A: CDD’s Jeff Chester > by Jennifer Comiteau, Adweek
A wide-ranging conversation with Jeff Chester is the executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy, a national, not-for-profit group based in Washington, D.C.

Opinion: Reinventing Retail > by Bob Greenberg, R/GA
It’s hard to believe that 15 years have passed since Amazon launched. Back then, e-commerce was largely modeled on the brick-and-mortar experience, but now the reverse is beginning to happen.

Opinion: Importing Mobile Tools > by Alexandre Mars, Phonevalley
Mobile applications also bloomed thanks to Apple’s iPhone. Today, users spend hours each day browsing the mobile Web and accessing the different apps available to them for free.

Opinion: Beyond the Click-Through > by Eric Porres, Lotame
We haven’t been able to get out of our own way, and DR metrics pushed “up the funnel” continue to be one of the biggest impediments to true growth. The time has arrived for a reevaluation.

Opinion: Time Runs Out on Legacy Media > by Jim Spanfeller, Spanfeller Group
Media has been moving from the general to the specific. As the world moves faster, becomes more interconnected and complex, specificity is needed to stay fully informed on any given topic.