‘Did You Get My Resume? I Really Want This Job’

We got an interesting e-mail this morning from the Ask The Headhunter newsletter about follow-up phone calls.

Nick Corcodilos (the headhunter) thinks they’re kind of silly. After all, what are you going to say besides “Did you get my resume? I wanted you to know how badly I want this job.”

He recommends instead doing what most of our Circus speakers have also suggested: solve a problem for the company, and call to discuss that.

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flickr: rogerimp

While we’re so not fans of doing free work, it appears that at least until unemployment goes down to a reasonable number, competition is so stiff that you’re best off identifying the two or three companies you really want to work for and then working as hard for them pre-hire as you would after getting the job.

This way, your phone calls won’t be pestering. They’ll be problem-solving.