Did The Goldmans Approach Judith Regan?

judithreagn81607.jpgAs our colleagues at Galleycat first noted, the Goldman family decided to go with Beaufort Books to publish OJ Simpson‘s lurid, hypothetical murder account. Rush and Molloy today suggest that Beaumont may not have been the Goldman family’s first choice:

Judith Regan held court on the rooftop of her penthouse loft Tuesday night with her Sirius talk show sidekick Webster Stone and loyal pals, who were glad to have her back from her deal-making trips to China, Brazil and Italy. Buzz at the party was that Regan was the first publisher Goldman family attorney David Cook approached to see if she would publish O.J. Simpson’s If I Did It, despite the family’s raging against her for developing it at HarperCollins.

After public outrage over an “unrestricted” TV interview with Regan caused NewsCorp-owned publishing house HarperCollins to scrap the book, the rights passed to the family of murder victim Ron Goldman. Nicole Brown Simpson‘s sister Denise Brown has condemned the book, accusing Fred Goldman and members of the Goldman family of hypocrisy for condemning the book when it first came out.

— Ron Mwangaguhunga