Did Rush Limbaugh Threaten Richard Corliss?


New York magazine’s David Edelstein believes that he has figured out the journo that Rush Limbaugh claims he threatened. Limbaugh’s disturbing comments came during a discussion on Pro Publica, the non-profit and non partisan investigative journalism project. Apparently Limbaugh has a problem differentiating between investigative journalism and threats. From New York:

”In January 1995, Time’s Richard Corliss wrote a Limbaugh cover story that was, to my mind, rather gentle on its subject — who back then was single-handedly moving public discourse in a new and viciously inflammatory direction. Corliss covered the bases, but he seemed to be pulling his punches. ”

Edelstein says that Limbaugh may have threatened to bring up an old article that Corliss wrote on pornography for The Village Voice during the 70s. Corliss ended up admitted to the article in 2005.

Was Corliss the mystery journalist who was threatened by Limbaugh? Did Corliss pull his punches? Check it out yourself. (Time)