Did Luke Russert Screw Up at “Grammys on the Hill”?

NBC’s Luke Russert emceed “Grammys on the Hill” Wednesday night. The annual event is co-sponsored by the Recording Academy and the Recording Industry Association of America to honor lawmakers who have pushed for legislation benefiting the music industry.

Was Russert’s involvement a breech of journalism ethics? WaPo‘s Paul Farhi said yes in a column Thursday.

“Russert, the son of the late ‘Meet the Press’ host Tim Russert and magazine journalist Maureen Orth, covers Capitol Hill for NBC and MSNBC, meaning he was involved in celebrating some of the people he’s supposed to cover impartially.”

While it does raise questions, as did PBS’s Gwen Ifill’s recent mishmash in which she ultimately dropped out of hosting an event that would award a lawmaker, we’re not convinced it rises to the level of a journalistic federal offense. What do you think? Select your answer in our Fish Poll. We’ll run the results in tomorrow’s Morning Chatter.

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