Did George Lucas Rape Your Childhood?


There isn’t a director out there who can build a movie franchise like George Lucas. That said, there isn’t anyone who can kill a franchise with such hackneyed gusto. Did you see the Indiana Jones Crystal Skull movie? Indie is saved from a nuclear blast by climbing in a lead refrigerator. Really?

“The People Vs. George Lucas,” a new documentary about Star Wars creator George Lucas, makes its premier at South by Southwest this Saturday. The film charts the love/hate relationship between Lucas and his fans — who gave their childhoods to Star Wars only to be betrayed later in life by Jar Jar Binks.

Lucas declined to participate in the film, which instead relies on the testimony of actors who have worked with Lucas and interviews with fans of his movies.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with the film’s director, Alexandre O. Philippe:

This intensely dysfunctional relationship [between Lucas and his fans] has only increased in intensity over the years, and doesn’t seem to want to go away. The dynamic between George and his fans is singular in the history of film, and it’s a fascinating one, because it relates to a number of larger themes like ownership in the digital age, film preservation and cultural heritage, an author’s right to alter his/her work once it’s been released and inducted into the National Film Registry, etc. There’s a lot more to this disconnect than people might think, and that’s probably what will surprise audiences when they watch the film.