Did ABC Muzzle Stewart From Plugging Daily Show?

As devout followers of Jon Stewart‘s career, we were glued to our seats watching Stewart’s Oscar night like he was one of ours. It evoked feelings we imagine might have watching our kid’s first Little League game. That is, if we had kids. But that’s Little League. This is the f*cking Oscars. And even he seemed a bit in awe last night, at least at first. And why not? The roughly 1.4 million average nightly Daily Show viewers was now roughly 41 million. Talk about an introduction.

Which is why we found odd that, despite taking some of his show’s award-winning writers with him, Stewart never mentioned The Daily Show or Comedy Central. Not once. Did ABC impose a ban on Viacom-owned Comedy Central references (which Stewart would’ve probably used self-deprecatingly)? We don’t know, but would love to find out.

Then again, a guy who frequents a ton of national magazine covers, only to skewer their high-profile editors in front of a roomful of advertisers probably doesn’t need an introduction.

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