Despite Rocky Start, One Laptop Per Child Team Pushes Forward with New X02

While the One Laptop Per Child project has been a mix of both pros and cons, seeing things like Yves Behar seemingly winning every design award imaginable while simultaneously reading about the devices’ flaws and sales troubles, it looks like Nicholas Negroponte and his gang at MIT are going to keep at it, as they’ve just unveiled the plans for the next round of cheap computing for the third world, the X02. Looking more like a book, but with big bright screens, we have to say that the prototype looks like just about the coolest thing ever. What’s more, they’re trying to make the thing even less expensive to build and sell, likely to encourage those nations who weren’t quite ready to pay the $200 a piece for the $100 laptop. Here’s a bit:

The new version loses the green rubbery keyboard, sporting instead a single square display hinged at its centre.

This allows the device to be split into two touch screens that can either mimic a laptop with keyboard or the pages of a book.
…The new machine will also be more energy efficient, half the size of the first generation device and lighter to carry.

It will continue to sport the XO logo in a multitude of colours so that children can personalise them.

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