Despite Hiring Freeze, LA ‘Party Girl’ Lands Job At Showtime PR…Thanks To Friends In High Places

(Apologies for the whopper of the headline.)
An apparently unqualified “veteran of the LA party scene,” Rohini Singh, has landed a job as a PR assistant at Showtime, thanks to her personal relationship with billionaire Sumner Redstone, who happens to have majority control of Showtime.
Peter Lauria of The Daily Beast reports: “According to multiple sources inside CBS, or with knowledge of the situation, Rohini Singh…was hired last summer in the publicity office of Showtime at the direction of Redstone himself—and much to the chagrin of network employees, who were supposedly in the midst of a hiring and raise freeze…Singh doesn’t do very much: only the most basic entry-level tasks like compiling clips and making phone calls. Yet, she banks a salary from Showtime estimated by the first CBS insider to be around $50,000 per year—more than most assistants at the company make.”
When Lauria reached Singh at her office, however, Singh denied that she even knew Redstone (though they have been spotted together on dates) or that he had anything to do with her getting the job. “This is not my first job,” she told Lauria, “but I can’t tell you where I worked before. I have to go now.” And with that she abruptly hung up the phone.
The 87-year-old Redstone is already in trouble for allegedly insisting that MTV, which he also owns, develop a reality show about his favorite band (which we hear is terrible), then offering Lauria “reward and protection” if he outed his sources on that story.
Some analysts say that if the “erratic” Redstone was no longer in charge of Viacom, the stock’s price would jump 10 percent immediately, Lauria reports.
Anyway, apparently there’s at least one way left to get a job in PR.