Designing the Paperless Office (but for real this time)


An interesting piece by way of PSFK from the other day over at We Make Money Not Art: “How to Survive the Paper Industry,” which is all about various ways designers and artists are trying to keep the familiar function of paper-based publishing, but moving into a world where all things are digital. It’s basically just a great summary of a discussion held at the Documenta12 event held recently in Kassel. Here’s a bit about one potential processes that hasn’t quite made a splash just yet:

Since the end of the ’90s there has been countless announcements that new technologies (electronic paper or e-paper) would replace paper. Yet in 2007, this is still an alien object. Alessandro tested one of these electronic paper readers and he compared the feeling to holding a big palm top. Doesn’t replace the pleasure of holding, touching, smelling a book. And it is still quite expensive (around 600 euros).