Designing Identity Packages for Drug Runners


This writer is in the process of hunting for houses right now and coming to the realization that, even with the markets as sad as it is now, he can afford roughly a closet and half of a light bulb. Luckily before things got to desperate and he was forced to start hanging around in an alley outside a local hospital, offering to sell a kidney or two, we found this story: “Fake FedEx Trucks: When the Drugs Absolutely Have to Get There.” It concerns the recent appearance of what looks to be normal corporate vehicles, which are, in fact, mobile drug stashes dummied up with very realistic branding. What’s more, authorities have found that whoever is doing all of these vehicle wraps is landing around $6,000 per car. So if you’re in need of quick cash and you think you can redraw the Wal-Mart logo pretty well, here’s your meal ticket. Oh, but, we should also mention that you run the risk of going to jail.