Cool Supplies: Poppin Launches, Poketo for Target

Design lovers know that keeping one’s workspace well-stocked and stylish is a year-round task, but September is the back-to-school sweet spot for fresh supplies, and we’ve got some for you. Today marks the long-awaited debut of Poppin, part of Chris Burch‘s growing retail empire. Echoing the cheery and colorful mode of his C. Wonder emporiums, the online retailer specializes in “workstyle” products: designer-friendly desk accessories in a range of hues, including—yes!—unbesmirched white. Look no further for your hot-pink tape dispenser, transparent emerald acrylic ruler, and neon notebooks. In need of more than accents? Poppin also offers a large assortment of techie goods (earbuds, neoprene laptop sleeves, gadget “nests”) and clean-lined furnishings, such as desks, task chairs, and lighting. The chief design mind behind the brand is Jeff Miller, whose expert eye and way with curves you’ll recognize in many of Poppin’s products. Meanwhile, pop into Target to get organized with Poketo. Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung’s Los Angeles-based company has followed up its swiftly selling 2010 collaboration with a line of planners and calendars that feature the whimsical work of artists Betsy Walton, Joe Rogers, and Katharina Leuzinger. The goods are now available in Target stores nationwide.