Design Week & ICFF Wrap Ups


While it may have seemed it was all about lines and more lines (not that kind, you filthy little animal), ICFF & Design Week are slowly petering out and the city is returning to a place where Tobias Wong doesn’t offer cigarettes on the sidewalk and we don’t stalk Yves Behar (nearly as much).

BusinessWeek talks to some of the folks we chatted with pre-game to get their post-game thoughts, while Piers Fawkes gives his two trendy cents. No surprises really: It’s big, it’s American, it’s spilling over into the ‘hoods, and more people are focusing on sustainability, although not nearly enough. We’ll tell you, though, there was one thing that surprised even us this year–the voracious, near-rabid attendance, media frenzy and blog coverage surrounding what’s basically…a trade show? Some PR company doesn’t have to work very much the rest of the year, do they?

Another interesting thought crossed our mailbox early this week, from Sir Steven Heller:

What I’d like to see out of Design Week is a NEW presence for graphic design. The field is in a slump, in large part because its overshadowed by all these other media that, in my humble opinion, have usurped elements of graphic design.

Could it be true? Is graphic (and web, and product, and design thinking, and whatever else have you) missing out on a tremendous opportunity to bank on the Design-ness of the week? Might all the forgotten fields have a chance to redeem themselves during–gasp–National Design Week?

We think it’s too late, really. The pretty chairs have stolen the show.