Design Week Crowns Apple the Winner and Still Champion


By way of MacNN, we found the list of winners for last week’s Design Week Awards, and it’s a great list to spend a couple of minutes browsing on. You’ve got just about anything to do with anything. Your motion graphics winners, branding and packaging, stationary, posters, etc. And, of course, how we got from point A (an Apple news site) to point B (what you’re reading about right now), is that the new iPod Shuffle, that tiny little thing you see in those cool Mark Romanek-directed commercials, took home the award for Consumer Product Design. Here’s what they got from their interview with the judging staff:

“We were in a quandary with Consumer Product Design. Thought there was a wide variety of intersting products, there was also a raft of entries from Apple’s design team, of which, though all were excellent, only the Shuffle was truly ‘new’.” The organization says the quality of Apple’s products, packaging, and “enticing” presentation sets the benchmark while creating a compelling “itchy wallet” syndrome that makes the company successful.

“It feels a bit unfair to all the other entries, which were mainly very good indeed, that Apple — with its relentless commitment to innovative and evolutionary design, and its attention to detail — should again win pole position.”

The iPod shuffle is described as a simple “beautifully executed” concept with minimal re-usable packaging deemed a “fantastic value” for the money.