Design Takes Over When Words Fai…


Here’s an interesting essay we ran across about how to think about design in a unique way. In “It’s Simple. Design Communicates” you have an approach to design as a form of leadership, something that makes perfect sense, but we hadn’t really thought of in that direct sense. Of course everyone knows about design, particularly in corporate branding and advertising, that design often stands in for everything a company or an institution is, from its staff to its product(s). But it’s nice to see design being raised into a level of being called out in this leadership form. It’s a simple concept, but for this writer, it’s very interesting to see it illustrated. It’s also both a valuable key for the designer to realize their important role, as well as something good to slip over to a client, if just for paragraphs like this:

Companies that recognize the strategic value of design know the power of design lies in communication. These companies and their processes include designers and design artifacts (prototypes, mock-ups, concept models) when communicating or developing a vision (as illustrated below). Design artifacts can help an individual, team, or an entire organization understand something visionary. They can also focus a strategy through detailed visualizations of synergy and discord.