Derk Reilink Redesigns Tape Dispenser with ‘ClickTape’


ClickTape_Derk_ReilinkUnwilling to cede precious desktop real estate to a bulky, weighted tape dispenser nor to look upon the unsightly clear plastic one that accompanies a roll, we’ve long relegated tape to the drawer, where it spends its days in the company of foreign coins, our second-favorite scissors, and a thicket of novelty USB flash drives. Derk Reilink knew there had to be a better way.

The Dutch designer took on the challenge of building a better tape dispenser as part of his graduate studies in industrial design and engineering at the University of Twente in Enschede, Netherlands. “I started to experiment with basic shapes and found the shape of the tape itself to be the best shape for the dispenser,” Reilink tells us. “By taking out a section of the ring shape I could create a symmetric chain-linked design.” The result is ClickTape, a minimalist dispenser that is useful and portable—think of it as the practical, low-key sibling of the bottle for Bulgari’s Omnia fragrance.

“The flexibility of the plastic allows a role of tape to be simply clicked into the dispenser,” says Reilink, who is based in Utrecht. “You can remove a role of tape by pushing out the remaining core.” Having honed and prototyped his design, sourced suppliers, and made tool drawings, he has turned to Kickstarter to help get production underway. Show your support for streamlined office supplies and order your own ClickTape dispenser by backing his project, which is open for funding until Saturday, May 31.