Deputy Editor Position Opens Up At New York Times

Danielle Matoon’s appointment as the New York Times‘ new Travel editor means there’s a deputy editor position available for the paper’s Arts & Leisure section. Oh kalloo, kallay!

An internal memo announcing the position, via Gawker, appears after the jump:

From: Wong, Grace

Date: Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 1:44 PM

Subject: [NYT Newsroom] New Travel Editor, An Opportunity in Arts&Leisure, a Diversity Event, and Reminders

To the Newsroom:

Danielle Mattoon is the new editor in Travel. Her departure creates a deputy editor opening in Arts & Leisure.

The Asian Heritage Network Group invites you to a conversation with Roxana Saberi, journalist and author of “Between Two Worlds – My Life and Captivity in Iran.”

Some events today: Seymour Topping is speaking at the Overseas Press Club; and Tom Coffey will be on a panel to discuss hard-boiled fiction writing.