Dennis Rodman’s North Korea Adventures About to Get a Whole Lot Weirder

Are you ready for a book about Kim Jong-un written by The Worm? How about a group of North Korean basketball athletes at the 2016 Summer Olympics, thanking Dennis Rodman via a translator for helping them to a series of unlikely hardwood upsets?

There are just two of the scenarios hinted at this morning by Dennis “I’m Not a Diplomat” Rodman at a New York City press conference following his second 2013 trip to North Korea. What’s perhaps most remarkable is that the expanding efforts of Rodman mirror the kind of goofy, jokey op-eds people used to write about the potential of U.S. basketball diplomacy:

Rodman says he will go back to North Korea in December to help select local players for two January exhibition games. He hopes to have stars such as former Chicago teammate Scottie Pippen and Karl Malone play.

It all adds up to an increasingly tough assignment for Andy Borowitz, the New Yorker humorist who also mans the popular Twitter parody account @KimJongNumberUn. With real headlines like this, his jokes are starting to seem tamer and tamer by comparison.

Update (9:00 p.m.):
According to a press release put out by sponsor Paddy Power, only one basketball game will be played in January in North Korea. The second, involving the same teams, will take place on the road in Europe, in June.

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