Stop the Presses: A Rodman Met with Two Jenners

Sometimes, being a sportswriter is no fun at all. The assignments, especially in this blog-tastic digital age, occasionally barely pass the jock-strap smell test.

So… you try to make the best of it. Here for example is LAT sportswriter Chuck Schilken dutifully catching up to a weekend meeting of reality TV show minds Dennis Rodman, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner at the Brea Mall:

Maybe the so-called basketball diplomat was seeking their advice on how to handle the sticky Kim Jong-un/Kenneth Bae situation…

Surely Rodman got plenty of insightful suggestions from the young reality stars on how to handle the delicate situation.

This May 11 OC summit came on the heels of some ridiculous parking lot statements made late last week by Rodman to TMZ. Among The Worm’s pearls of international-relations wisdom: “Barack Obama can’t do sh*t.”

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