Dennis Hopper: Gone But Not Forgotten

Who should play a young Dennis Hopper? That tantalizing question frames Mike Fleming’s Deadline item about the launch of Ex Machina Media Group. The company’s first project will be Rebel in Paradise (My Life and Times of My Buddy Dennis Hopper), based on partner Della Manitou’s friendship with the actor and book of the same name.

Several other bits of Hopper-related news recently caught FishbowlLA’s attention. In a Wednesday Q&A with The Guardian, architect Amanda Levete brought the actor’s name when asked about the best advice she was ever given:

About four years ago, I sat next to Dennis Hopper at dinner. I’d just come back from Las Vegas, where we’d been commissioned to design an art gallery. I’d found it apocalyptic. When I told him so, he just said, “Relax, babe – if you can’t enjoy Vegas for a few days, there’s something wrong.” He was right: I was being far too uptight.

Finally, we’ve been following a rather remarkable project over at Filmmakjer magazine’s blog. For the past year, writers for the site have been blogging about each sequential 47-second section of Blue Velvet. Live blogging..  at David Lynch (and Frank Booth) speed. The final installment of this cool, year-long project was posted Aug. 17.

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