Demolition May Await Frank Gehry’s Boyhood Home

While Frank Gehry is in Santa Barbara showing off ceramics, a piece of his history on the other side of the continent is facing extinction. One of his boyhood homes, at 15 Beverley Street in Toronto, is facing demolition to make way for a new residential building, reports the site blogTO. From 1929 until 1947, Gehry (then known by his given name, Ephraim Goldberg) lived in the non-descript townhome with his grandmother. And while the house had been given heritage status several years ago, it doesn’t have any real “historical site”-like protection. So the developers who want to demolish and build an admittedly attractive structure there have been working with the city to see that it happens. Currently, it looks like a fairly sure thing, but it should be more clear after August 17th when the city council meets and the house’s future is discussed. So unless you happen to be in Toronto or plan to visit soon, we suggest you head over to blogTO to look at their photos of the house and what it may soon be replaced with.