Deadline Extended Until Midnight For People’s Design Award Voting; TOMS Sandals Still Leading


Except for a few nominated oddities including the Prince guitar, last year’s People’s Design Award sponsored by the Cooper-Hewitt barely blipped on our radar; the Katrina Cottage won quietly and all was well. This year we’ve got quite a sprint to the finish line including some finalists we know and love, and when it was announced that the deadline would be extended until midnight EST tonight, our inbox got flooded with emails from designers begging us to vote for them, or more impressively, endorse them.

While we cannot legally endorse any one project, here’s a quick update that we hope will inspire you to vote. TOMS shoe has held its lead for quite some time now, while the Floating Pool has stayed steadily afloat at second. Good Magazine has moved into third, and Global Green finally cracked the top five, edging out the Life Straw. The iPhone, Brush and Rinse, and “Design Matters” are other notables in top ten, with the surprise hit “Everything is ok” project dropping to 11 (Anyone else see it in Denver?). It looks like the heroic beer-rewarding efforts of Design Observer didn’t help; they slipped to #14.

Putting the blatantly self-promotional aspect of this contest aside, let us just say it’s great to see so many people campaigning for anything design-related. But it certainly looks like we’re in for a Sandal Scandal. TOMS shoes certainly have a great story behind them, but whether or not it’s “great design” is being battled out in over 100 comments. Some people are attest to the comfortability and construction of the shoe, while others are begging people to forget how they look and focus on the concept. Ah, the beauty of crowd-sourcing.

Update, 11:23pm EST: OMG! Debbie Millman‘s “Design Matters” sprints ahead of Brush and Rinse; Design Observer is back at lucky 13. How is it that we just now noticed all the bizarre comments on their entry?

The winner will be announced at the gala on Thursday.