Dead fish, wrong fish: Pellicano not working for Seagal after all

Purely hypothetical: If I were a private investigator, and I wanted to intimidate a journalist into backing off of a client of mine, and, as such, left (or instructed someone to leave) a dead fish, a rose, and a note simply stating ‘stop’ on her windshield, I might specify what in particular I wanted that journalist to stop doing. Because what if that journalist and everyone else thought she’s being pressured to stop investigating the shady financial doings of a B-movie action star, when I wanted her to ‘stop’ doing something else entirely? A wacky mix-up could ensue!

Anmyway, according to the LAT today, the prevailing assumption that whoever left the fish and rose and note on the smashed windshield of Anita Busch’s car was working for Steven Seagal turns out to be untrue. Fish/note/rose/windshield suspect #1, Anthony Pellicano was, at the time for the incident, working against him:

Court records indicate that, rather than working for Seagal at the time Busch was threatened, Pellicano was actually working against him on behalf of Gorry Meyer & Rudd, the same firm that had hired Pellicano for help in Artist Management’s disputes with Casey and Bernier. Gorry Meyer alleged it was owed $260,000 in legal fees by Seagal.

In defending Seagal in the fee dispute, the law firm of Lavely & Singer accused Gorry Meyer of hiring Pellicano to intimidate Seagal.

So who was Busch supposed to ‘stop’ investigating? Well, it sure sounds like that LAT has a theory about that. More background here.