DC Journos React To The Death Of Walter Cronkite

DC journos reacted to the death of legendary newsman Walter Cronkite with sadness and stories on Twitter and Facebook this evening.

@HowardKurtz: Walter Cronkite is dead. A terrific human being. I loved the guy. An era has truly ended.

@jaketapper: deepest condolences to our friends at CBS @katiecouric @cbsandrewcohen @markknoller @cbskellywallace and everyone else —

@markknoller: I grew up watching Walter Cronkite. He was one of the reasons I admired and wanted to work at CBS News. A great journalist has died.

@markknoller: I came to CBS News after Cronkite relinquished the anchor chair. I regret I never got to work with him. But his legacy will inspire always.

@marcambinder: My thoughts are with Rick Kaplan and the other TV legends who worked with/for Cronkite at CBS.

@marcambinder: In the past few years, Cronkite kept an office at CBS News in New York and would visit the newsroom on occasion and pose for pictures.

@marcambinder: And he memorably lent his voice to Katie Couric’s Evening News intro.

@dceiver: Cronkite: RIP. Pour one out for a legend and a master.

@cbellantoni: RIP Walter Cronkite. You inspired so many of us and I’m glad you lived until 92.

And on Facebook:

Chuck Todd: Walter Cronkite… r.I.p. all of us in the news business look up to the giants like Cronkite and Brinkley