Davis to U of I: “You Kill the Chief, I Get the Logo Back”


If you’ve even so much as visited Chicago in the past couple of years, you’ve no doubt picked up on the conflict at the University of Illinois with their mascot, Chief Illiniwek. As you might know, the school has lost the battle, much to the chagrin of anyone you talk to at a bar who went there. But now, by way of Andy Rutledge, we read that there’s a dispute about what’s going to happen with the logo. Here’s some from the Sun Times:

The man who created the Chief Illiniwek logo for the University of Illinois — which depicts a controversial mascot the school recently retired — wants it back, 27 years later…

An attorney for Champaign graphic artist Jack Davis sent a letter to the university on March 14 asking for the return of the logo.

Davis said he sold the logo to the university in 1980 for $210. According to the letter from attorney Robert Auler, Davis “offered” the logo for the university’s use “as long as it would be used as a permanent symbol of Illinois athletics.”

In a written response, the university asked for documents supporting Davis’ claim and said it believes Davis has no right to the logo.