David Remnick Profiles Aretha Franklin

"Her genius, her central place in American music and spirit, is undeniable."

CeogW3FW8AA2goH.jpg-largeDavid Remnick, The New Yorker’s editor since 1998, has profiled Aretha Franklin for the magazine’s Food and Travel issue. That should be enough to get you interested, but if not, he also emailed President Obama for his thoughts on the Queen of Soul.

“You can hear Aretha’s influence across the landscape of American music, no matter the genre,” Obama told Remnick. “What other artist had that kind of impact? Dylan. Maybe Stevie, Ray Charles. The Beatles and the Stones—but, of course, they’re imports. The jazz giants like Armstrong. But it’s a short list. And if I’m stranded on a desert island, and have ten records to take, I know she’s in the collection. For she’ll remind me of my humanity. What’s essential in all of us. And she just sounds so damn good.”

The New Yorker’s latest issue hits newsstands today.