Colin Cowherd Bangs a Drum Few Other Sports Journalists Are Willing to Touch

And for that, we applaud him. The ESPN Radio host is not arguing this morning, and before, that World Series MVP David Ortiz was for-sure on some sort of PED cocktail. He’s just saying that given Ortiz’s past and insane batting average against a young corps of St. Louis flame throwers, he is naturally “suspicious.”

Cowherd’s stance is notable for an historic reason as well. In the wake of the original baseball steroids scandal, many sports journalists bemoaned the fact that their heads had been in the sand. Some might have known a little bit more than others, but essentially all were complicit.

The ESPN host discussed this latest opinion with intelligence and qualified guests. Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy told Cowherd that he had the same basic conversation with Ortiz in May about the specter of performance-enhancing drugs, about which he wrote.

“Ortiz has got a positive [drug] test on his record in 2003, his career magically turned around then, and he was washed up three or four years ago,” Shaughnessy said. “So I think the questions are fair; he has answered them, and he continues to answer them… with his bat.”

Cowherd even went so far this morning as to suggest that the three intentional walks given to Ortiz in Game 6 by the Cardinals were a form of “silent protest.” For the record, FishbowlNY thinks Cowherd’s Ortiz suspicions are wrong. But we appreciate the fact that he is talking about a World Series topic that, from both a statistical and biological standpoint, should be getting much more attention.