Corn Says Source Was ‘Impressed’ With His Work

From the Dept. of Bragriculture…

It’s a damn fine week for Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn. Seriously, no joke. He deserves a pat on the back and who better to give it to him than himself?

He is widely credited for being the first to publish the now-infamous video of Mitt Romney dismissing “47 percent” of Americans as unobtainable voters.

In a video interview for The Daily Beast, media critic Howard Kurtz (himself a self-pimper) asks Corn about the source who provided the video. “Did you go after this video or did somebody bring it to you?” Kurtz says. After explaining that he got in touch with the source through James Carter, grandson of former president Jimmy Carter, Corn says the source knew of his work past work.

That’s when the bragic happens.

Rather than telling Kurtz, “Oh, I don’t want to say too much, but my source is familiar with my work,” Corn goes into a fair amount of detail about work his source has enjoyed. “He’s told me he read my books,” Corn says, “and he was familiar with the earlier Bain [Capital] stories that I had done, which were investigative, and he was impressed by that.” (Impressed!) Bain Capital is the private equity firm co-founded by Romney.

“I think [the source] might have believed the China tape did not get as much attention as it should have,” Corn continued, referring to previous work he had done on Bain. “And I was one of the few– in fact, I was the only person who had written about that particular investment of Bain Capital.”

Then, a brief moment of semi-humility. When Kurtz asks if the video will have longevity as a story, Corn says, “I don’t want to raise expectations about my own work and the impact.” He goes on to say the video “feeds into a narrative” that Romney is “not one of us.”

All that bragging aside, Corn’s full account on how the tape was put in his possession is a good one. He says he had the video for a while, trying to figure out “how we can use it” before publishing it.

Watch the full video HERE.