Dave Price Turns Dancing With The Stars Interview into Awkward Good Day New York Segment

Good Day New York is busy wiping egg from its face following an unfortunately memorable segment.

One of Dancing With The Stars “professionals” was interviewed on WNYW’s Good Day New York yesterday morning. It started out decent enough with Maks Chmerkovskiy, who discussed his second stint with Kirstie Alley for the All-Stars version of the popular ABC show this fall.

It didn’t take long, however, for the interview to stray into the uncomfortable.

Meteorologist Audrey Puente (in for Mike Woods), a huge fan of the show and Chmerkovskiy, was invited to sit with co-anchors Dave Price and Rosanna Scotto as they spoke to the Dancing star.

Audrey, whose dad was the iconic Salsa performer Tito Puente, asked what was his favorite genre of music.

Price, then turned the proceedings downright awkward, “Audrey wanted to ask a question, have you ever made love to a weather woman before?” (See video clip after the jump)

A silent stare and frozen smile found Chmerkovskiy’s gaze. But it was Puente who was really caught off guard.

“No, that wasn’t on my list,” Puente said raising her head from embarrassment.

Interestingly, Price’s remark could be considered sexual harassment in most workplaces. Unfortunately, here it becomes part of the entertainment value of a television program.

Scotto, always playful when the opportunity presents, had her own moments with the Ukrainian, although without the awkwardness. She asked if he were “more clean shaven.” In a shaving cream commercial feel, she ran her hand on his face, while shouting for Puente.

“This is the cheapest excuse to ever touch a guest I have ever seen in my life,” Price, acting as the Voice of Reason, chimed in.

Scotto wasn’t done having her fun, pointing out that Chmerkovskiy’s hair was different, and promptly touching his perfectly coiffed look.

Viewers, and FishbowlNY readers have strong opinions about the chemistry between Price and Scotto. In a FishbowlNY poll started this week, a resounding 68 percent of respondents want Price off the morning broadcast. Fifty-five percent of the vote-takers say, “Bring Greg Kelly back with Scotto,” while another 13 percent think Price’s hiring was the wrong move by Channel 5. Price was brought in last month when Kelly was promoted to evenings.

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