Dave Price Gets Started on Good Day New York

After nine years and several jobs later, Dave Price is back home at WNYW/Channel 5. Price took the seat next to Rosanna Scotto on Good Day New York. Good Day viewers will recall Price on the show from 1999 to 2003, then as the weather anchor.

“Look at who the wind blew in this morning,” Scotto opened the broadcast.

“I was fired,” Price retorted. “So I was just sitting around for 18 months.”

Gaining chemistry in front of the camera is one of the keys to making a morning newscast work, and the most elusive. Greg Kelly vacated Good Day to become the station’s lead anchor beginning tonight.  For four years, “Rosanna and Greg” had a perfect connection with each other and viewers. Despite Price’s previous work on Good Day, and occasionally with Scotto, that will take time.

“I’m not at home, I’m not comfortable yet,” Price said.

“Good, we don’t want you to get comfortable just yet,” Scotto responded.

After exiting Channel 5, Price worked as a weatherman at Channel 2 then as a meteorologist for CBS News.

“It’s been two years since you’ve actually been allowed back in the building,” Scotto said. “Weren’t you escorted from this place at one point?”

“I wasn’t escorted from the building. I opted to leave Fox,” Price says. “I walked out on my last day and they wouldn’t allow me back in to get my stuff.”

Those comments were all in the first 20 minutes.

As expected, a larger focus awaited once they hit the sofa at 9 a.m with the John Sebastian classic, Welcome Back playing underneath.

“I was nervous,” Price said.

“You were, when you woke up this morning? Scotto admitted. “Last night, I was a little nervous too.”

In a touch of “Good Day After Hours,” Price showed a recent photo with former Good Day anchor Jim Ryan.

Then Dave’s dog Wally sat beside the new morning team. Apparently, he walks the dog en route to the station. That doesn’t seem too problematic.

Even Wendy Williams got into the act, wishing Price well in a live phone call. Of course, she has an interest in Price’s success as Good Day is her lead-in.

Ending the three-hour broadcast, Price said he’s glad day one is out of the way.

“I just want to be here,” Price said. “I don’t want that first day, ‘lets look back and let’s look ahead,'”

Price’s debut came as WLNY unveiled its initial morning news program.

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