Dauman is not Cool. Get Used to It.


Thomas S. Mulligan of The Los Angeles Times argues that super-Manhattanite and Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman is so not cool, however he is influential. And that counts! Mulligan recounts that Dauman has been referred to as “the quintessential New York suit.” — As if that’s a bad thing.

Also: Dauman is perceived as having had a hand in the ouster of left coast Mr. Nice Guy Tom Freston. Not good. And Dauman’s a member of the uber-WASPY Maidstone Club. The Google lawsuit probably didn’t win him any cool points, either. From The Los Angeles Times:

”Dauman also is suspect because he holds the world record for getting along with Sumner M. Redstone, the crusty autocrat who built Viacom and looms Zeus-like from his hilltop mansion in Beverly Hills as executive chairman and lead shareholder of Viacom and its sister company, CBS Corp.

”Cool or not, Dauman’s 25-year relationship with Redstone, 84, is the key to his power at Viacom. It also increases the odds that he will be a force there after Redstone is gone.”

Don’t count on Redstone evaporating vampirishly into that good night just yet. Remember, he is taking the magic elixir.